Mind Gym

Mind Gym is full of activities , exercises and psychometric tests / assessments.

You can

  • Take several activities and exercises mentioned in the Slide Spin personal work book
  • Measure the readability / simplicity of your presentations with a basic psychometric test
  • Prepare Pre Design Inputs for your next bing presentation
  • Measure your thought constipation level

Is your presentation SIMPLE?

Following is a simple checklist to verify the simplicity of your presentation.

  1. Content is within the Subject boundary
  2. It matches with the Interests of your audience
  3. Every statement/fact/ claim that is made is completely Measurable
  4. Every Slide has an item that carries and conveys our Prime objective
  5. All messages packed in bullets are Loud and Clear
  6. The overall presentment is Easy on Eye and Brain

Is your presentation SIMPLE enough? Find out.

Thought Constipation Diagnostic

Do you have lot of ideas on how your next presentation / website / business application should look like or feel like?

Not able to express your thoughts effectively to your team members?

Well, most people suffer from a condition called thought constipation.

Find out if you have one.

Pre Design Inputs


Prorating for the next big presentation/ public speech?

As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” . So preparation is vital.

Get the right strategy with powerful / analytical questions. Prepare well and deliver very well.

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