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PowerPoint Essentials

Your power steps with powerpoint


Presentation Essentials

How to develop master content strategy?


Communication Skills Master Class

How to develop and deliver enchanting presentations?

PowerPoint Essentials

Presentation and communication are things we have to do in almost every job, even if you don’t think so.  It’s not just corporate business people who have to make a sales pitch.  Every time you stand at the counter in a McDonalds you’ll get one from the server.  Every time you buy a pair of shoes or a coffee, someone is usually trying to upsell you.

But when you are asked to do the same thing what happens?  The nerves take over, your mouth dries up and feelings of negativity force their way inside your head.  You fumble your way through it, lacking in confidence and willing the ordeal to end.  Teaches you the top tricks of using powerpoint effectively at your workplace.

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    Powerpoint Essentials

    This course teaches you Powerpoint fundamentals from the ground up.

Introductory Offer: US $ 15 only
  • Course Duration 6 Hrs
  • Course Category Online
  • Interactive Yes
  • Certificate Yes
  • Social Learning Yes
  • Prerequisites No
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