Slide Spin – Personal Work Book

Slide Spin – Personal Work Book

“Slide Spin” makes presentations effortless for non-designers

New book on essential presentation skills available now

Subbarao Mukkavilli, author of “Slide Spin: Essential Presentation Skills for Non-Designers,” has the news many people have been waiting to hear.

“There is a misconception that only graphic designers or those who have good knowledge of creating complex graphics can develop presentations. But the truth is that you don’t need to be a design guru or a technology expert to create powerful presentations.”

According to Forbes, “the ability to create reports/presentations and the ability to sell and influence others” are among the top 10 skills employers want to see in graduates. The challenge for new graduates, however, is that presentation skills are not a core feature of college degree programs.

But the ability to create impressive presentations isn’t just a skill employers seek in new employees. Inc. Magazine includes what they call “data visualization” in their list of the top six tech skills needed in 2015 in order to become or stay relevant to your employer. “Whatever message you hope to communicate…you must find increasingly creative ways to break through the noise.”

Meanwhile, employees at all levels – from intern to CEO – are struggling to throw together even the most basic of presentations. In a visual world populated by multi-taskers, focused and engaging presentations are often the only way to connect and achieve results.

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