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Slide Spin Twin Books Make Presentation Skills easy to acquire

Seventy percent of employed Americans who give presentations agree that presentation skills are critical to their success at work, according to the Prezi survey.

In an information age, an ability to present ideas or thoughts before other in a meaningful way makes a marked difference between success and failure. Many individuals or professionals with great innovative ideas often find it extremely tough to express themselves. They miss plenty of career opportunities, and fail to translate ideas into real money due to lack of the interest of investors in investing in their ideas. In such a scenario, a book ‘Slide Spin: Presentation Skills for Career Success’ proves as a respite to all. The book is in a simple understandable language. It helps the readers learn the tricks of good presentation skills in an effortless manner. The book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions to have an easy accessibility to all people who are struggling to unlock their full potential because of the lack of skills in successful idea presentation.

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About the Book

Sometimes individuals believe that creativity comes in codes. Sometimes we are even led to believe that there is some sort of magical formula that is needed to excite those creative juices flowing inside of YOU. Yes YOU who are reading this book summary. It’s time for you to get rid of the nostalgia that creativity is a gift given by the creative gods to only those that are proficient at creating presentations.

Now is the time for YOU to realize that you too can harness the creative gift through content management and be on the road to being more productive than your boss. This book will teach you 9 Core Principles which will lift your knowledge in your field of pre-sales, sales, marketing and communication.

So, very bluntly the knowledge contained here is for those who develop presentations and those who do not develop presentations.

 Here are the 9 Principles which are best served within an open mind.

  1. Presentations are best created by non-designers.
  2. Creativity is a skill that can be nurtured.
  3. All humans have the required creativity but use it selectively and sparingly.
  4. Focus on the content and context of the presentation rather than the peripheral areas.
  5. Get a structured approach by following a presentation framework called “PRISM”
  6. Simplify your communication by using 6 stage “SIMPLE” filter.
  7. Explore innate talents by doing the talent mining.
  8. Understand various tips and tricks about post presentation development activities
  9. Explore various online resources to get the best help possible without reinventing the wheel


Once you embrace these 9 Core Principles, you will then be able to better brand yourself as a creative entity and reach your maximum sales potential. Content is the king and context is the king pin. These 9 Core Principles belong on your shelf and in your back pocket.


ISBN: 9789384878825
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