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How to make your presentations colourful?

To create an enchanting presentation, we need to pack the following elements:

  1. We need to set the Context and make sure that the context is relevant to the interests of the audience.
  2. Articulate our thoughts with the fullest Clarity
  3. Achieve a high degree of Credibility by bringing relevant and verifiable data
  4. Filter and refine the content and bring in Crispiness
  5. Enhance the content and bring in Class
  6. We need to bring the element of Connect with the audience by blending a right combination of content, data, formatting and presentment
  7. Maintain the right Chemistry

In a nutshell, we need to create seven colours like in a rainbow.

Remember PRISM? Yes, that small little box that makes a plain simple light emit multiple colours.

Thankfully, we have a similar method for our presentations. If you follow the structured method, you will be able to craft stunning presentations effortlessly

  1. Set the correct PATH (Refer to the Pre Design Input Questionnaire in the Resources section  of this website)
  2. Create a good RECIPE from your content
  3. Bring IMPACT by tweaking and refining your content
  4. Add SPARK by using various features in PowerPoint
  5. Adjust your MODULATION to suit various learning styles

Sounds interesting? Read Slide Spin twin books for more details.

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